Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pocket Purses

I've made a promise to spend at least one day a month doing a kid friendly craft with my daughter, and this month we made pocket purses. Quick and easy, this no sew craft will have little girls everywhere expressing themselves in style! (I admit, though, that if it were totally up to me, I would have done some sewing, but it was not my turn to be the boss here.) Here are the purses that we made:

These are the purses from one side

And from the other side - my daughter's purse has the fringe :-)

To make these purses, all you need are some pants, some embellishments (we used grosgrain ribbon and shoelaces for the purse straps), and a glue gun. Cut out the back pocket, leaving a bit of extra fabric at the top (about 1/2 inch). Next, cut out the front pocket (or the other back pocket, or some extra fabric from the pant leg), again leaving some extra fabric at the top. Glue the tops down, and then glue the straps on, lining up the edges of the pockets. From there, I glued one matching edge, and where needed, cut the opposing edges of the front pockets to line up evenly with the back pockets (front pockets are bigger sometimes, making this project a bit more labour intensive).. Keep gluing until everything is lined up, taking care not to burn your fingers.

I also recommend adding any applique embellishments prior to gluing if possible, as the glue that holds the pieces together will soften if they are added afterwards... Either way, the end result was quite pleasing, and my daughter is excited to be presenting the two purses on the left to her friends tomorrow!!

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