Saturday, November 5, 2011

Racing Against Time...

Aaah, to be back online is soooo nice!! We had been experiencing sporadic interruptions Tuesday, then on Wednesday our internet went completely offline (thankfully it was after I was able to announce and email the giveaway winners).

Halloween is over, and about a day later I learned that the family is having a birthday brunch for my sister in law tomorrow (it is late Saturday evening here in BC). On top of that, I am racing against time to finish binding the Geisha quilt for my boyfriend's daughter, who turns 21 on Thursday. I finished quilting it early this morning, but don't want to show it all off until it's done (I know you've seen it here and there, but I haven't shown off the "B" side yet...).

I have some ideas planned for the next couple of weeks; as you know, Christmas is on its way, and I have some pretty neat ideas for gifts that can be made in about an hour. Hint: here is what I whipped up for my sister in law, Bobbie:

This one is made from a pattern, because I didn't have time to sketch the cups.. this coffee cozy has two buttons (that was my idea), which makes it perfect to roll up and stash in a purse. I will introduce a couple of variations on this theme, plus a few other goodies that can be whipped up in no time. Hopefully by then, the winners of the fat quarter giveaway will have received their goodies, and will maybe make something from one of my ideas.

For now, though, I will be hiding in my bat cave, stitching away at the binding of the Geisha quilt... After I take a class in encaustics tomorrow, that is - we will be making Steampunk hearts at The Upstart Crow, a favourite little artsy craftsy hang out of mine. In the meantime, happy quilting!!

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Penny said...

Aren't cuff bracelts fun?!! I've been having a great time making them and they are a perfect format to attach those bits and bobs that have been hanging around forever.