Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Quilt

Recently, I have been attending an online art class at Quilt University called The Artist's Toolbox, which is being taught by Lyric Kinard. What I loved about this class, besides not having to leave home to get information, was that I learned an entirely new way to look at things. I have always been drawn to art, and am very tactile in nature, so quilting is a very natural fit for me. In my last post, I showed you the oil lamp from which I drew my inspiration for this art quilt, that I call Stream Of Consciousness:

This is what it looks like from the front

And this is what it looks like from the back

I named it Stream of Consciousness because when I looked at it, the brown lines reminded me of rivers and their tributaries, which inspired me to quilt it using little pebble shapes. There is the stream part, and of course, the shift in my consciousness when approaching art and quilting explains the rest.

I still have the tiniest bit of binding to finish on the Geisha quilt , and I am also preparing for a post later this week, which will be the first in a series of gifts to make on the fly, for Christmas or any time of year. I was too excited about this quilt not to share it with you though, and I hope that my sharing it with you might provide some inspiration. Happy quilting!


Penny said...

Oh Loralei -- beautiful, beautiful quilt. The flow and the colors are just magnificent.

Loralei said...

Thanks for the compliment, Penny.. I really am proud of this one :-) *blush*

Autumn Lingerfelt said...

I just found your blog, from Craft Gossip, and oh my gosh, this quilt is beautiful!! I think you are VERY talented, and I can't wait to look through the rest of your site!!