Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to Value a Quilt

My friend Janet had quite the experience the other day; on a number of occasions, we have discussed how people love hand made items, yet have little to no appreciation of the time that it takes to make them. In this world of instant gratification, so much has been lost - gone is the appreciation for not only the time that it takes to make hand made goods, but what is also lost, is the appreciation for the process, and for the peace that the following the process can bring to the artist. Consider the quilters of Gee's Bend: their whole community is built on respect for time, and for process; there is no question that these talented women create beautiful art, as seen below:

How anyone could not understand the work, time, and most importantly, love, that goes into creating something by hand is beyond me. And, while I know that there are people out there who do appreciate these things, I am astounded by just how many don't - those who think that work comparable to ours can be purchased for a fraction of the cost at a big box store.

To hear the full story of my friend Janet's experience (and believe me, it's worth the read), visit her blog, which is located right here.

I hope that you all spend some time this holiday season, crafting gifts for those you love. And, I hope that you take the time to somehow relate to people what it takes in order to create your gifts. Let's band together as artisans, and make a point of educating people of the value of hand made items, whenever and wherever the opportunity arises - happy creating!!


mtnquiltr said...

Great post, you and Janet express what I have vaguely felt, but not put into words.

Penny said...

Oh my, I know so very, very well these reactions to 'handmade' work. One of the first questions almost everyone asks me is: "how long did it take you to make that". That is NOT even important to me, most of the time I cannot even give them an answer. In fact, I never price anything based on time because I know that I would never sell it. Its sad -- but true. Fortunately for most of us it is the work/play, the creativity and those quiet moments just you and needle. That's the true value to me. Its almost better to smile, when asked how long something takes to make, and say something to make them think -- like "its takes forever and no time at all". Let them figure it out for themselves!!

Mary-Frances said...

It is certainly frustrating to be so devalued and it happens all too often.

Loralei said...

Although I am sad to know that this is true, I do feel comfort in knowing that I'm not alone in this sentiment. I think we should all work together, to inform people whenever and wherever it is appropriate, of how much it takes to get that good "old fashioned" hand made look!