Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Inspired by Nature

Last week, I decided to take a walk, to see some sights and get to know my new camera. I was so blessed to be able to see hawks, herons, flickers, and the rare snowy owl on my walk. Nature is inspiring in so many ways - the lines, the shades, the beauty just waiting for someone to notice. I returned from my walk refreshed and inspired. A new year is about to begin, and one resolution I have is to make more time to connect with nature, and to look at things with new eyes. Below are some photos that I hope will inspire you to connect with nature, wherever you are in this beautiful world.

Northern Flicker

Cool logs

King Heron


The beautiful and elusive Snowy Owl

This break gave me such peace, and also the energy to work on a quilt that I have been commissioned to make, due to be delivered before Christmas. I am nearly done quilting, and hope to have the binding on by tomorrow, so that I can stitch it to the backing over the weekend. My goal is to have all things for Christmas made and ready to go by Wednesday of next week, so that I can truly relax over the holidays. I usually think that a day offers way more than 24 hours though, so we will see how that goes; after all, there is still holiday baking to do as well.

I hope that everyone is finding and sharing beauty at this time of year, and that you are all remembering to gift yourselves with some time for you. After all, without you, the world would be a less beautiful place. I will post pictures of my commissioned quilt when it is ready to be delivered; until then, I wish each of you peace and joy during the holidays and always.

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Penny said...

I've got you beat as my deadline for 'all things Christmas' is this Friday! Yikes!!! But I think I'm going to make it - that trip to the post office will be a pleasure as I watch each stamped card and box make its way forward. Love your pictures -- and your thoughts.