Thursday, March 29, 2012

The "Do Over" Factor

We are back from a great road trip to Seattle, and while I had every intention of working on some quilts today, well, that just did not happen. I woke up today, and realized that in just a few days, we will be celebrating the 90th birthday of my bf's granny. Knowing better than to try and whip up a quilt, I decided that an encaustic collage was in order. Yes, it is true that I have fallen in love with encaustic mixed media, but my love of quilting is still going strong. I have a photo to show you of the encaustic piece I made for Granny, and some photos from Seattle that I think would make wonderful art pieces, be they in encaustic medium or art quilts. Before I show you though, I have to explain the title of my post, the "do over" factor.

What I love most about encaustics, is that you can go back to your work endlessly, adding or subtracting elements. And, unlike textile work (for the most part, anyway), when you make a mistake, or just don't like what you've got, you can simply remove all the wax in an encaustic piece, and start over. And, that is exactly what I did today; as I was working this piece up for Granny, I thought that I wanted a glassy smooth surface, so I decided to use my loop and do some scraping. Well, I learned that this is not a good idea when the wax is too warm, as I ended up scraping off way too much. So, all the wax was removed, and I took advantage of my "do over." The idea of a glassy smooth surface was abandonded in favour of subtle texture, and voila - my piece was done! Here, then, is the photo of Granny's gift:

A vintage inspired piece, incorporating buttons from one of Granddad's shirts
 (who passed away last February) - I hope she likes it!!

And, for your inspiration, here are a few photos from Seattle:

Isn't the texture in this leaf amazing?

I think that this is called wormwood; again, I love the texture!

A macro shot of a tulip, taken from directly above

A macro shot of an orchid; I love the colour variations here!

I have no idea what this is, but it lives in our oceans!

We really had a great time, and the break was very much needed. I am working my way back into my routine; this weekend will be full with work, celebrations, and a meeting of what I like to call the encaustichicks - a group of women that I had the pleasure of meeting in the workshop I attended earlier this month. Then, it will be time to focus on some textile work, as I have a mile long list of projects to make this year!

I hope these photos inspire you to create something unique; if they do, I would love to know what you come up with. In the meantime, happy creating!!


bronwen said...

I love the collage and the added special touch and memories with the buttons. I'm sure she'll be pleased :)

Fannie said...

I'm grateful for do-overs, and appreciated your post. You created a great gift for a special lady--Bravo! Thanks for the inspiring photos . . . makes me homesick for Hawaii . . . Aloha, ~Fannie