Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Waxing Poetic

This week, I learned just how lost I feel when I can't find the cord that connects my camera to my computer. Without said cord, I am powerless to share with you, dear readers. Enter a cool new gadget that reads my SD card, and voila - I'm back!!

As promised, I have pics to share, detailing my progress at the encaustic workshop that I attended in early March, taught by the most amazing and talented Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch. This workshop was a whole new experience for me; I started off feeling excited, hit the middle feeling overwhelmed, and found my groove on the last day, when I made a few pieces that I love. Here is the whimsy that has me waxing poetic:

Encaustic, fabric, oil pigment stick - this will be a gift for my dad on Father's day

I call this one "lemonade," since I didn't like it at first :-)

Encaustic rainbow, aka "rainbow barf" - this was the one I really didn't like on the second day - nothing about it went right, to be honest. But, my daughter loves it, so it's hers. Done with wood icing, encaustic wax, shellac, and torched. Yes, I did say torched!!

Indigo dreams - still a work in progress :-)

As I found my groove, and left all cares behind, I created the two following pieces, each of which I love love LOVE!!

Encaustic Bubbles - torch work on wood panel, plaster, tar paint

Barriers #1 - tar, encaustic, mixed ephemera, shellac and torch work

I have to say that I truly love the organic and tactile nature of encaustic work, and I fully intend to do more. Like fabric that is pieced improvisationally, encaustic work holds a surprise with each piece created. During this weekend, I created about 16 pieces of work, and learned so much about myself as an artist. As you may know, this year is my year to inspire, and to be inspired. I am exploring both textile art and encaustic art in a carefree manner - this week, I hope to share a piece that I will finish for the March 15th meeting of Vancouver Modern Quilting Guild; I'm participating in my first challenge for the Guild, and will leave my piece as part of a swap.

In the meantime, I'm curious to know how you are coming along in your crafting/art work - I am so far behind in my blog roll, I would love it if you would catch me up on what's going on with YOU!

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Penny said...

I love encaustic. I've never tried it but have a couple of friends who are learning it. I too especially love those last two pieces you showed us. As for my 'journey' this year. I've been working much slower this year than last (on purpose). Tomorrow (with luck) I'll finish up my third wall hanging -- each one has been a real learning experience (which has been a good part of the slowdown). Always good to stretch and learn.